Timeless Classics

Who We Are

Timeless Classics has been carefully created and now branded as a super group which has quickly catapulted us in becoming one of the most recognized and diverse concert brands within the Toronto and North American Industry.

By providing a wide range of concerts and services (Artist Management & Special Event Planning & Coordinating, and Marketing & Promotional Consulting) we have created a demand that truly places us in, “a class on our own”. We are among the key movers and shakers in the industry and are widely known both in Canada and the U.S. for our special events that market the classic, contemporary demography, lifestyle of the people.


As the New Webster’s Dictionary depicts the definition of lifestyle: Lifestyle is a way of life or style that reflects the values and attitudes of an individual or groups. We at TIMELESS CLASSICS group have aligned ourselves and encompass the values of Lifestyle.

Historically, as humans keep evolving and so do our abilities to adapt with every changing moment, as we continue to find what appeals to our increasingly diversified audience based on our remarkable marketing and surveying techniques. Providing the enthusiasm, honesty, integrity and commitment to our clients, fuelled with artistic vision and panache to capture every waking moment.